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How can I edit my models' Assemblies?
How can I edit my models' Assemblies?
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In drawing.tool every element of the model begins with an assembly or performance value based on the location, building type, and energy code. These defaults are completely editable and are meant to get projects moving quickly by providing helpful starting point. There are several methods to edit these to represent your specific design into the model and simulations.

Editing Elements with Assemblies

Roofs, Exterior Walls, Windows, and Skylights are assigned an Energy Code Minimum assembly by default. The assembly is assigned based on the Energy Code, Location, and Building Type specified for the project. This provides an excellent starting point for all projects from which more detail can be added as required.

Modifying Assemblies

One method of changing the envelope performance of your model is to update the already assigned Assemblies. This can be a quick and easy approach for projects that have uniform constructions throughout. To modify assemblies follow these steps:

  1. Open the Assembly Builder found in the left hand menu of drawing.tool.

  2. Each assembly currently assigned in the project can be found in the Project Assembly Panel.

  3. The Assemblies performance (R-value, U-value, etc.) can be modified by adding or removing layers, or by editing the performance of individual layers in the Assembly Details.

  4. Confirm the desired performance in the calculated values shown at the top of the card

Since these assemblies are already assigned, you all done! Back in the model view you can verify each elements performance by selecting it.

For Instance, a wall's thickness has an impact on its performance and as it constitutes materials/products that make up its thickness, that property of the wall is tied into the assembly builder too. In order to make changes to the wall's thickness, you would have to make changes to its assembly by following the above steps.

Adding new Assemblies to the project and assigning

A second method of changing the envelope performance of your model is to added additional assemblies and assigned them. This is the best method if your project has varied constructions present. For example, if the windows on the north facade are a different construction than those on the south facade. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Open the Assembly Builder found in the left hand menu of drawing.tool.

  2. Using the Filter and Search locate and add required Assemblies from the Assembly Library. Or create Custom assemblies via the Project Assembly Panel.

  3. Once the Assembly is added or created, switch back to the geometry view by selecting Elements on the left hand menu.

  4. You will now see several Assemblies available to be assigned to the elements of your model. To do so first select the elements to change, and then select the desired assembly.

Updating the assigned roof assembly

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