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Assembly Library

Introduction to the assembly catalog in Assembly Builder

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The Assembly Library is a repository of all assemblies that can be used in your project, tailored to the specific address, energy code, and climate zone. It serves as the initial panel in the Assembly Builder, positioned on the left-hand side. This panel can be collapsed when not in use.

Interface Breakdown

  1. Filter:

    Filter the assemblies based on single or multiple assembly categories - Roof, Walls, Floors, Vertical Fenestration (Windows, Curtain walls, etc.), Skylights, Energy Code Minimum, and Generic.

  2. Search:

    Search for an assembly using text or numeric values. The search bar looks for values in all fields of an assembly to make it easy to locate.

  3. Sections:

    There are 4 tabs:

    • All - Displays all the assemblies in the assembly builder

    • Firm - Displays assemblies that are available to everyone in the firm

    • Personal - Displays assemblies that are available to the user for all the projects

    • Default - Displays pre-made assemblies provided by the platform

  4. Assembly Cards:

    You can click an assembly to add it to the Project Assemblies window, where you can customize, review, and assign these assemblies to your project.

    Each card is made up of the following data:

    • Name

    • Energy Code with which the assembly complies with

    • Climate Zone from that particular energy code with which the assembly complies with

    • Properties: total thickness, R-value or U-value, embodied carbon, and cost

    • Category: roof, wall, floor, vertical fenestration, or a skylight

    • Creator: for default assemblies, it will be cove.tool

    • Template: for original assemblies, it will be "Default" and for custom assemblies, it will be "None"

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