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What is the Project Assemblies window? How to use it?

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Project Assemblies is the list of assemblies that are part of your project. These assemblies can be assigned to elements of the model via drawing.tool.

Project Assemblies is the second panel in Assembly Builder, located between Assembly Library and the Assembly Details panels.

How to use the project assemblies window?

  • Custom
    Use this button to create a new assembly.

    Clicking on the button, will open a dialogue window requesting details for your custom assembly: assembly type, assembly name, description, and energy code.
    Your assembly will appear in the project assemblies list for you to edit it further.

  • Duplicate, Save, and Delete
    Use these action items to easily manage the assemblies in the project assemblies panel.

    • Duplicating an assembly creates a copy of the selected assembly and places it at the top of it in the list.

    • Saving an assembly gives the user an option to save it in the 'firm' or 'personal' tab in the assembly library window.

    • The delete option removes the assembly from the project.

  • Filter
    The filter has the same function as described in the Assembly Library article, however, there is a linking option provided for consistent filtering for both the assembly library and project assemblies panels. If both filters are linked, tags in the assembly library panel will take precedence. You can disable linking by simply clicking on the link icon.

  • Searching

    Use this feature to search an assembly using text or numeric values. The search looks in all fields of the Assembly making it easy to locate the specific Assembly you need. Search starts while you type, shortlisting the assemblies including the content you are searching for.

  1. Assembly cards

    This shows the list of assemblies present in the project and will be available in the elements menu in the drawing.tool for assignment. Add assemblies to the project from the Assembly Library or by creating custom. Click on an assembly to open in the Assembly Details Panel where you can review and customize all the product layers and other details of the assembly.

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