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Introduction to assigning assemblies on the Geometry Page

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On the Building Geometry page, each component of the model is automatically given an assembly or performance value dependent on the project's location, the type of building, and the applicable energy codes. While these default settings are designed to expedite project startup by providing a basic framework, they can be fully customized. You have various options for modifying these assemblies to accurately reflect your design.

Editing Elements with Assemblies

I. Energy Code Minimum Assembly

Roofs, Exterior Walls, Windows, and Skylights are assigned an Energy Code Minimum assembly depending on the Location and Building Type specified for the project.

II. Improving Envelope Performance

A. Modiying Assemblies

The most efficient method to improve the envelope performance is by updating existing assemblies rather than creating new ones. This approach is particularly straightforward for projects with consistent construction assemblies. To edit an assembly, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Assembly Builder, which is located in the left-hand toolbar on the geometry page.

  2. You can find the assembly you want to modify in the Project Assembly Panel, where all assemblies currently assigned to any component in the project are listed.

  3. Adjust the assembly's performance (e.g., R-value, U-value) by adding or removing layers or altering individual layers' performance characteristics within the Assembly Details.

  4. Ensure the performance values calculated and displayed at the top of the Assembly Details panel align with your desired specifications.

Since the assemblies are already assigned, your modifications are complete! To confirm the performance of each element, select the element on the Building Geometry page. This allows you to review the updated performance details for the assembly assigned.

B. New Assemblies and Assignment Process

The second method for improving the envelope performance of your model involves adding new assemblies and assigning them to your geometry. This approach is especially useful if your project features varied construction types. For instance, if the windows on the north facade differ from those on the south facade.

A step-by-step guide is outlined below:

  1. Open the Assembly Builder: Find this tool in the left-hand toolbar on the geometry page.

  2. Add or Create Assemblies: Use the Filter and Search functions to locate the required assemblies in the Assembly Library, or create custom assemblies in the Project Assembly Panel.

  3. Return to Geometry View: After adding or creating your assembly, go back to the geometry view by selecting "Elements" from the left-hand menu.

  4. Assign Assemblies to Model Elements: You’ll see various assemblies available for assignment to your model's elements.

  5. Change Assembly for an Element:

    • First, select the geometry to which you want to assign a new assembly.

    • Then, choose the desired or new assembly.

    • Click "Assign." The deselection of your geometry confirms that the assembly has been successfully assigned.

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