System Type defines the HVAC system used in the building. Each System Type includes an Air, Heating, and Cooling system type that fully defines the elements of the building's HVAC (or mechanical) system. cove.tool selects a default system type depending on your project's location and energy code, however, the user has full control to customize to meet any project needs!

System Types in cove.tool are named with the following scheme allowing for quick and easy assignment of detailed design inputs.

'Air System w/ room units' + 'Heating System' + 'Cooling System'

System Types populate several fields on the Building System tab providing a reasonable starting point for the project team. It is recommended that the project's mechanical engineer review these inputs to confirm they match the specific design intent of each project.

Integrated Part Load Value

Heating System COP

Cooling System COP

Fan Flow Control Factor

Specific Fan Power

Ventilation Control

Pump Control for Cooling

Pump Control for Heating

Primary Energy Heating

cove.tool provides a wide array of System Types to meet the needs to project teams. These systems provide the basis for comparison when optimizing a building's HVAC systems. If you are exploring a system that isn't described below, just reach out to our expert for help in getting your system modeled!

GSHP - Ground Source Heat Pump

VRF - Variable Refrigerant Flow

Further details on the core systems components can be found in these articles:

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