When starting a cove.tool project the location, energy code, and building type are used to automate the baseline inputs. These inputs reflect the code baseline along with engineering best practices for inputs that are not specifically defined by energy codes. Learn more about the automation of baseline inputs in this article.

In addition, whenever change the System Type on the baseline page you will notice a short loading screen. This indicates that the defaults for that systems are being loaded into your project. Once loaded, you can either recalculate or update these values further depending on the details you know about the project.

System Input


Integrated Part Load Value

Linked to the primary cooling equipment

Heating System COP

Energy codes

Cooling System COP

Energy codes

Fan Flow Control Factor

Energy codes / engineering best practice

Specific Fan Power

Engineering best practice

Ventilation Control

Engineering best practice

Pump Control for Cooling

Energy codes / engineering best practice

Pump Control for Heating

Energy codes / engineering best practice

Primary Energy Heating

Linked to primary heating equipment

For further questions about any of the inputs used in cove.tool, please reach out to our team via live chat!

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