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How to edit multiple elements in drawing.tool
How to edit multiple elements in drawing.tool

How to change performance values of multiple model elements at one time.

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This article will outline how to change the performance values of multiple building elements at once. There are two primary ways to edit multiple wall types by only changing one value. In this example, we will use updating the values of walls, but this also applies to other building elements.

First method:

Select a room and the properties of one wall. In this example, we edited the R-Value, which will update all walls associated with that room.

Note: Some properties that will be unique per wall, like length and endpoints are edited individually.

Second method:

Click-and-drag to select multiple elements. In this example, we can update the width of a window. Updating this width will update all selected windows.

Note: Refer to this article for more details on drag selection: Drag Selection Function in drawing.tool

Properties can be edited for multiple elements:

  • Walls

    • Wall Type

    • Height

    • Lock Height to Floor Above

    • Flip

    • Texture A and B

    • Assembly which controls

      • R-Value (U-Value)

      • Thickness

  • Windows

    • Width

    • Height

    • Frame Color

    • Assembly which controls

      • U-Value

      • SHGC

      • Thickness

    • Sill Height

    • Overhangs

    • Overhang Depth

    • Fins

    • Fins Depth

    • Horizontal Mullions

    • Vertical Mullions

  • Rooms

    • Name

    • Number

      • Note: best practice to is keep unique numbers for all Rooms.

    • Template

    • Occupied

  • Floors

    • Color

    • Texture

    • U-Value

  • Roof

    • Assembly

    • Ceiling U-Value

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