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Sloped Roof on drawing.tool

How do I draw sloped roofs using drawing.tool? slopes, custom roof, hip roof, gable roof, single slope roof

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In drawing.tool rooms and roofs are automatically generated once the wall geometry encloses a space. The default flat roof can be changed to a single sloped roof, hip roof, and gable roof. To create and edit roofs, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to the 2D view, select a room and click the sloped roof icon:

Step 2:

Change type/properties of the roof by clicking on the roof geometry and editing values from the panel on the left.

Note: Roofs can be selected in 3d as well.

Automatically Generate Roofs

Note: walls will adjust to the roof slope.

The sloped roof's properties such as type, rotation/orientation, slope, rise and run can be modified by clicking on the roof and using the parameters in side panel. This can be done by selecting a roof and using the side panel to adjust the properties. The roof rotation can further be altered by using the circle that shows up on selecting the roof element.

Complete Step-by-Step Workflow:

Alternative method using curves:

  1. Create a level above the rooms that require a sloped roof

  2. Using the Rectangle command under curves draw the roof footprint on this new level.

  3. Select the newly created rectangle and click create a sloped roof

  4. A sloped roof, which can be further modified, has been created over top of all of the rooms under the defined footprint.

Create a roof in drawing.tool cove.tool


Q. How do I model skylights on a sloped roof?
A. Transforming a sloped roof into a flat roof is achievable by representing it at the average height of the slope. When it comes to modeling skylights, you can achieve the same impact by utilizing an angled window and projecting it onto the ceiling plane. This technique simplifies the process while maintaining the desired elements in your design.

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