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How do I draw sloped roofs using drawing.tool? slopes, custom roof, hip roof, gable roof, single slope roof

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In drawing.tool rooms and roofs are automatically generated once the wall geometry encloses a space. The default flat roof can be changed to a single sloped roof, hip roof, and gable roof. To create and edit roofs, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the 2D view, select a room and click the sloped roof icon:

Step 2: Change type/properties of the roof by clicking on the roof geometry and editing values from the panel on the left.

Note: Roofs can be selected in 3d as well.

Automatically Generate Roofs

Note: walls will adjust to the roof slope.

Complete Step-by-Step Workflow:

Alternative method using curves:

  1. Create a level above the rooms that require a sloped roof

  2. Using the Rectangle command under curves draw the roof footprint on this new level.

  3. Select the newly created rectangle and click create a sloped roof

  4. A sloped roof, which can be further modified, has been created over top of all of the rooms under the defined footprint.

Create a roof in drawing.tool cove.tool

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