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DXF to drawing.tool Import

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Importing DXF Files to drawing.tool

You can import Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) files into drawing.tool to use as a background when creating building geometry. Once imported the DXF can be converted into lines, which enable you to utilize snaps while drawing the building. To import a DXF file to drawing.tool, follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the left menu click the upload icon

  2. Select DXF and add a file from your computer

  3. Select the units for the DXF import

  4. Click to place the DXF file on layout. The location will be based on the center of the source file.

DXF files will import into drawing.tool a component that can be moved, rotated, scaled and pinned. The building can be drawn directly on top of this background, or the component can be convert to lines to enable snapping. Simply hit the Generate Lines button and lines will be created below the DXF component. If desired, this same component can be moved and addition lines created.

Tips and Tricks when using the DXF Import

  • If you have selected the wrong import units, simply update these in the properties panel

  • DXF imports can be pinned to prevent accidental movement on the canvas. To select a pinned DXF hold crtl/cmd and click the element.

  • For large projects, remove elements such as grid lines, room tags, and other annotation categories prior to importing to increase performance. Check out this guide for more information

  • Importing a DXF with closed loop, single-line walls will allow you to directly extrude the imported areas into building elements.

  • You can enable "Endpoint Snapping" to snap wall elements directly to the primitive lines generated by the import.

  • To remove DXF elements, you can select and delete all or a portion of the lines in drawing.tool.

  • To toggle visibility go to settings > visibility graphics and toggle DXF visibility. Refer to the gif below:

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