Importing DXF Files to drawing.tool

You can import Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) files into drawing tool as primitive line elements, which will allow you to quickly and accurately create wall elements. To import a DXF file to drawing.tool, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the catalog and select "DXF"

  2. Select the DXF file from your computer

  3. Select the units for the DXF import

  4. Click to place the DXF anchor in your project

DXF files will import into drawing.tool as primitive lines, which you can use to snap wall elements to, or use the primitive lines directly to create primitive masses for conversion to building elements.

Tips and Tricks when using the DXF Import

  • Ensure import units are correct

  • For large projects, remove elements such as grid lines, room tags, and other annotation categories prior to importing in order to speed up the import process

  • Importing a DXF with closed loop, single-line walls will allow you to directly extrude the imported areas into building elements.

  • You can enable "Endpoint Snapping" to snap wall elements directly to the primitive lines generated by the import.

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