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Introduction to the dashboard and its functionalities

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Admin Settings is a page visible on the Project Dashboard designed to enable account administrators to manage users, assign licenses, and track who in their firm checked out license seats more easily. This page is only visible to account admins.

The Manage Users panel has three main tabs: My Firm, Collaborators, and Invitations.

My Firm Tab

The image above demonstrates the function of the "My Firm" tab. There are six columns in the My Firm tab.

  1. User Name - First and last name of the user.

  2. Admin - You can check the admin box to assign admins. An account admin has access to all projects, templates, and folders. Admins can also assign licenses, invite new users, and disable existing users.

  3. analysis.tool - Manage license access to the analysis.tool and its features.

  4. loadmodeling.tool - Manage license access to the loadmodeling.tool and its features.

  5. Active - Active status indicates who in the firm currently has a license seat checked out. After 24 hours, the active status will clear, and the license will be freed up for anyone in your team to use. The number of license seats in subscriptions determines how many users can be active. Learn More about floating licenses here.

  6. Disable - If a user leaves your firm or no longer needs access to cove.tool, you can permanently or temporarily disable them by checking this box. Note that users can be re-enabled at any time and outside collaborators can only be deleted, not disabled. Disabling login privileges will not delete users' projects. If you wish to permanently delete a user contact cove.tool support to permanently delete users and transfer their projects to another team member.

With the product line checkboxes, you can give users license access to the analysis.tool or loadmodeling.tool based on your type of subscription. Users who are given access can log in and check out a license seat which will be expired after 24 hours. The license is then returned to the unused license pool for another team member to check out.

You can add a new user with the New User button on the top right-hand corner. A pop-up window will emerge. Enter their First name, Last name, email address, initial Password and select the type of license. They will receive an email invite from [email protected] to setup an account and join your team.

Note. Valid password is at least 8 characters long, contains at least 1 alphabet (case insensitive), at least 1 number and at least 1 special character.

Note. Adding a user with either an invalid email, password or email domain different than admin's business domain/s will return this error

Last, you can use search and filter commands to reorganize the user's list.

Collaborators Tab

In this tab you can manage the internal and external collaborators in your account by the functions mentioned below.

  1. You can see a list of collaborators invited to different projects in your account.

  2. You can see their email address.

  3. You can check their login time and date.

  4. You can see how many projects they are invited to in your account.

  5. You can remove them by checking this box.

Add a new collaborator by entering the email address and selecting their role and the project you want to invite them into.

Invitation Tab

In this tab you can manage the invites and activation emails sent to the users you already invited on "my Firm" tab.

  1. You can see a list of emails you added as a new user on "My firm" tab

  2. You can see the date and time you sent the invite

  3. In case the invited person has not received the activation email in their Inbox or spam folder, you can resend the activation email by clicking on this button

  4. You can remove the invite by clicking on this icon

Admin-Specific Permissions and Functions

There are various actions that only Admins within the firm can do. In addition to the user controls described above they can do the following:

  • Access all projects, project templates, and folders within the Firm

  • Create and share Firm-wide Assemblies in the Assembly Library

  • Create and share Firm-wide templates and schedules within loadmodeling.tool

  • Add or edit the Firm log on the Your Business page

  • Setup the Firm DDx key to enable teams to connect projects to the AIA 2030 DDx

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