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Setting up the AIA 2030 DDX with cove.tool
Setting up the AIA 2030 DDX with cove.tool

How to upload your cove.tool projects to AIA 2030 DDX Dashboard.

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Before we Begin, only an administrator can set up a team with the ability to report to the DDx. If you are unsure who your cove.tool account administrators are, use the Livechat feature to receive help.


Step 1: Make sure you have an AIA 2030 DDX account. If you don't have one, create it here. Once you have an account, keep the DDx browser window open and in a new tab launch cove.tool.

Step 2: As an admin, login to your cove.tool account. On the top right-hand corner, under your name, click the option Your Business. If you don't see this option you are likely not an administrator.

Step 3: Once you are on the Your Business page, you will copy the User Key and Firm Key from the DDx and update these fields on the cove.tool platform.

Step 4: Once signed in, go to the Company Tab. In Company Information locate your team's Firm Key (shown below). Save it as you will need it later once inside cove.tool. Also, collect your User Key by navigating to the Company profile in your DDX Dashboard. A DDx administrator will need to generate a user key.

Step 5: Now you will see the update 2030 DDX button on the baseline page as shown.

Step 6: Once your project is uploaded you should see it in your AIA 2030 DDX account.

Step 7: Rejoice! You just joined the mission to save the planet :)

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