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Introduction to the new interface and functionalities

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In this article, we take a look at the new project dashboard and new functions added to the interface.

What's New?

In addition to the new layout, here are new capabilities available in the project dashboard:

  • You will experience a much faster loading time

  • you can create folders to organize your projects and share folders with your teammates.

  • You can add tags to your projects to easily mark, organize and find them.

  • You will have access to all the resources from your project dashboard

  • You can access the new Admin Dashboard if you are an admin to manage team access and invite new users

  • You will have access to all your project settings, results and metrics, chats, and collaborators tab from within the project dashboard.

  • you can create new templates or assign an existing project to a template from the project dashboard

  • You can see your account top rank users

  • You can see and download a new side-by-side comparison report

Interface Structure

The new interface is divided into three main columns. The first column includes your firm information, access to other pages, and a folder list. The second column allows you to create a new project, template, or folder and has a list of all the projects and templates you have in your account. Finally, the last column contains several tabs with project-level information and details. The last column becomes visible when you select a project.

A guide to the new interface

Use this image as a cheat sheet for all existing functions of the project dashboard interface. At the moment, there are 12 key components of the new tool.

  1. You can upload your company logo on "Your Business" page. The Business page is on the top right-hand corner of the page, where you see your name. Once you upload a company logo, it will appear on top of your project dashboard.

  2. We've added a new Admin Settings page to help team admins manage their teams. This page is only visible to account admins; to learn more about the admin settings page, check out this help article. After admin settings is the Learning Resources page, which contains all the important links in one central location. Use these links at any time to sign up for webinars, find out about the latest feature developments, or read about how other users are using cove.tool.

  3. There is a statistics section available now where you can see the top rank users in your account who are selected based on the number of projects they have in cove.tool.

  4. In this section you can see a list of folders you create in your account and delete or re-name.

  5. You can share these folders with your teammates and get access to all the projects inside the folder. The shared folders will be listed on the "shared with you" tab.

  6. Click on this button to start a new project. You will be directed to the project info page.

  7. Click on this button if you want to create a template. A list of your projects will pop up and you can select the project you want to convert to a template.

  8. Click on this button to create a new folder. Upon clicking on this button, a list of projects will pop up from where you can select and add projects to your folder.

    Read this article to learn more about folder settings.

  9. In this section, you can see a list of your account's template laid out horizontally. You can navigate to right or left by clicking on the arrows at the corner of this section. A search box is also provided at the top to help to find the templates easier.

  10. There is a new comparison report available with additional parts. You can download a PDF file of this report as well. To read more about the new comparison report, visit this help Article.

  11. In this section, you can see a list of your projects in two modes.

  12. Once a project is selected, you can see all the project-level information in this section. 4 tabs are available:

    • General Setting: here you can see your project details, and add tags and descriptions to your projects.

    • Metrics: In this section, you can see a summary of your project results for different types of analysis. You can also see a performance log and history of changes to your project.

    • Team: You can invite collaborators to your project. Read more about this feature here.

    • Recent Chat: You can see a history of your notes and chats on the project.

  13. You can edit, mark, copy, and delete a project using icons in this section.

What other pages are accessible within the project dashboard?

In addition to the project dashboard, you can access the learning resources and admin dashboard if you are your cove.tool account's admin.

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