Here is a set of FAQs to help you troubleshoot your own project. Jump to the page/tab you are having issues on.

Project Info

  • How can I invite team members and consultants to the project?
    Use the Manage Teams button, add their emails, then save changes with the continue button.

  • Why can’t I select the Single Family Homes template?

    You need to select a Residential Code first from the energy code dropdown menu, then the template will auto-select. Article here.

  • My use building type does not align with any of the 8 base use-type templates?
    Users can customize a base template to match their actual project once they reach the Baseline Energy page. For full steps, check out the Creating custom templates article.

  • I have created a project but cannot see it in the plugin or the projects page.
    Your project will be saved and listed in your project list once you have complete the first page's project details and clicked "save and continue".

  • My building location doesn't have an address yet, can I use coordinate points?
    Yes, street addresses and geo-coordinates are accepted. For geo-coordinates use the Numerical value only (ex. 33.773080. -84.389250).

Geometry (Revit, Sketchup, Rhino, other)

  • How will I know if my geometry has been uploaded?
    After exporting from a 3D Bim Model, hop back into the app and refresh the geometry page. A successful export will populate the manual mode fields and allow you to proceed to the Daylight Page. The geometry back does not display the model, on the 3D analysis page can.

Drawing Tool

  • How can I bring an image to trace?
    The camera icon in the catalog will help you do the same. Use an online platform or our live chat for the image url.

  • I clicked the Export button but nothing happened.
    Wait for 10 seconds after clicking the button. The export is in progress.

3D Analysis

  • Not able to go to the Baseline energy page?
    Make sure all the analysis is complete by clicking on each tab – sDA, ASE, COVID etc.

  • Can’t see the floor wise percentages.
    Can’t see the updated geometry that I exported now from the plugin.
    Refresh the page after exporting. Click on “Stop Calculation” button and then on “Calculate” button.

  • I can’t see the “Calculate” button.
    Click on the sDA or ASE tab. You will be able to see it in the bottom of the right panel.

  • I have below grade geometry which is coming above the ground.
    You must follow the steps in this article for below grade geometry guidance. Below grade geometry guide.

Facade Guidance Feature

  • This is not my geometry. Changes are not shown in the 3D analysis page.
    Façade guidance feature is a standalone tool to test out different strategies. It does not affect your imported geometry. The changes need to be incorporated back where the model was created and imported again.

Baseline Energy

  • Why can’t I see the Ddx button?
    The button will appear once you link your account to the Ddx platform. Steps in the article. AIA 2030 and cove.tool

  • I changed the engineering inputs but the final values didn’t change.
    Make sure you click on Recalculate after making the changes.

  • I changed my use type but that is not reflected on the energy baseline page.
    The tab is editable. You can click on it and change the name. The values should have already been updated.

  • Where are the default input values coming from?
    The values are based on the energy code chosen on the “Project Info” page.

  • Is the whole building EUI reported on cove.tool comparable to the whole site EUI value given in OpenStudio?

    Yes, that's correct. OpenStudio refers to whole building EUI as the 'site' EUI.

Water Use

  • Where can I enter fixture count?
    Fixture count is an outdated method.

Climate Analysis


  • I have added options but it does not show the optimization graph.
    The chart is displayed only when the options are better than the baseline. You

    should try adding more options.

  • Is there anyway to compare the automated baseline energy to the optimized energy inputs within the same project?

    On the optimization everything is being compared to the baseline. You can see it on the right side. They can also take the bundle and edit a copy of the project if they also want to use the compare projects feature.

  • Can we compare custom wall assemblies?

    Yes, you just need to type in the name of the assembly in the optimization page box and add the cost, carbon, and r-value inputs.

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