The following is a complete list of energy codes and guidelines supported by cove.tool's automated model generation. Users may always request additional codes or amendments to be added for their location. To make a request, reach out to your sales representative.

Domestic (USA)

  1. ASHRAE Standard 90.1 - 2007 (IECC equivalent for 2009), 2010 (IECC equivalent for 2013), 2013 (IECC equivalent for 2015), 2016 (IECC equivalent for 2018), 2019 (IECC equivalent for 2021)

  2. ASHRAE Residential 2018

  3. California Title 24 (2016, 2019)

  4. Single Family Home - California Title 24 (2016,2019)

  5. 2020,2016 NYC Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC)

  6. 2019 Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Code

  7. Seattle Energy Code Amendments to Washington Energy Code 2015, 2018.

  8. Washington State Energy Code Amendments to IECC 2015/ASHRAE 2013, Amendments to IECC 2018/ASHRAE 2016

  9. 2020 Vermont Commercial Building Energy Standards (CBES)

International (Commercial Building Types)

  1. National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB 2011, 2015, 2017)

  2. United Kingdom National Calculation Methodology (NCM)

  3. Australian National Construction Code (NCC) 2019

  4. Japanese Commercial and Residential Energy Code

  5. Global Energy Code Mapping - International locations will be recommended an equivalent ASHRAE - IECC energy code based on climate zone data. Connect with a sales representative today to request your national energy code standard be added to cove.tool's list.


  1. Toronto Green Standard (TGS)

For international residential projects, users can customize the default ASHRAE Residential 2018 energy code inputs.

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