How to Review Model Geometry
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Occasionally, simulations will encounter errors without the EnergyPlus Troubleshooting panel. This indicates some project geometry conditions are responsible. Example project geometry conditions are listed in this article along with the solution for them.

Room or group of rooms are completely enclosed by other room

How to identify:

This condition is typically found with corridors where a room or set of rooms is enclosed by another room. This can error out the simulation because EnergyPlus is unable to set boundary conditions properly.


Simply, break the corridor or encircling room so that no single room encloses others. Here is an example using air-walls.

Tiny walls or endpoints that are not part of any room

Endpoints without walls can cause the simulation to fail by creating slivers and surfaces that only have two vertexes.

How to identify:

  • To find these types of endpoints turn on the Endpoint Snap

  • Next, turn on the wall mode to display all the endpoints within the project

  • Endpoints that are not associated with a wall will need to be deleted


These endpoints can be removed by extending the wall they are trying to create and then deleting them. In order to select these endpoints follow these steps:

  • Turn off the Visibility of Floors

  • Use Shift drag+click to select the area around the extra endpoint

  • Next, select and drag the problem endpoint to create a full wall

  • Delete this wall

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