Project Input Report
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Project Input Report is generated upon successful run of the model and can be exported in PDF format. This report includes all inputs into the load model including templates, schedules, air systems and more. The exported report can be helpful for internal reviews or design submissions that require details of how project loads have been calculated.

Weather parameters

This includes project location, ASHRAE climate zone and values for summer, winter, and evaporative design days with outside air temperature and time of the peak. More information on weather files can be found and how to upload a custom weather file can be found here.


Project input report also includes building geometry information such as building height, roof and floor area, wall area, and glazing area.

Project Template Details

This part of the report includes each template and the detailed inputs assigned to the model. All controlled inputs such as occupancy, cooling and heating setpoints, air flow rates, and internal loads are part of this section.

Project Schedule Details

All details about the schedules assigned in the model are included. More information on different types of building schedules can be found here.

Air System Details

This section includes details about each Air System used in the model. This will include both Central and Local systems and all controlled parameters for each.

Room and Zone Assignment

Room and Zone inputs including zone area, usage, and air system assigned to each zone in Project Data Editor can be reviewed in this section of project input report.

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