Schedules are used throughout load and energy modeling tools. Each schedule defines when what is being defined occurs in the simulation. For example if a building will have 45 people, a schedule will define that 50% arrive at 8am and then at 10am 100% are in the building. Finally at 6pm the schedule will define that everyone has left for the day by setting the percentage to 0. In similar fashion schedules help control many inputs in a building analysis model including lighting, equipment, set points, water flow temperatures and much more.

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Types of Schedules

To help organize the many schedules required for any given project each schedule is assigned a type. Schedules are only assignable to loads, setpoints etc. based on the type.

  • Lighting - Fractional. Assignable to any lighting load

  • People - Fractional. Assignable to any occupant load

  • Equipment - Fractional. Assignable to any gas or electric equipment load

  • Temperature - Absolute. Assignable to any setpoint

  • Other - Fractional. Used for system specific parameters

  • Activity - Absolute. Assignable to people activity rate inputs

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