Custom Weather File Upload

How to upload a custom weather file in loadmodeling.tool

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Based on the location selected in the project information page, the weather file closest to the project site is selected. You can see the map of the weather locations being used in cove.tool here.

If the standard weather file provided needs to be changed, this can be done on the Simulation Settings page. You will need an epw file (required), ddy file (recommended) and a stat file (recommended).

Under the settings panel in the navigation tab of loadmodeling.tool you will see 2 sections - Project Settings and Weather Settings. The weather file is pre-populated based on the location set in the project information page for early-stage analysis.

Click on the text bar with the weather file name > it should automatically open a folder tab > search for the location on your PC where you have the weather files saved > select the 3 files (epw, ddy, stat) > click on open > select upload on the weather settings panel >your weather data will be updated.

Modify Design Day Values

Information provided in weather setting section are pulled from ddy file. If specific values are required for the summer, winter or evaporative design day, these can be manually entered into the weather file settings. Simply type in the desired value for each of these inputs based on the project requirements. Updating the Design Day Values is common for mission critical projects such as data centers and healthcare.

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