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Rooms, Zones, Air System. View, edit and assign

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The Project Data Editor is a tabular access into the vast amount of data that makes up the detailed load model. In version 4.2 the editor includes Rooms and Zones, along with the assignment of zones to Air Systems.

Core functions

  • To select an item, click anywhere with the desired row. A second click with deselect the item.

  • To select or deselect all, click the top-left checkbox.

  • To sort any of the columns, click the carrots adjacent to the header.

  • The search bar looks through the name column.

  • Navigate between the various tables by selecting the top most table title

  • The action buttons are dynamic based on the table that is active

Interface Guide

Room Table

The room table displays all the rooms within the project and enables the creation of zones along with assigning rooms to zones.

Assign Zone Button

To create a new zone and assign the selected rooms to it, type the desired name under Zone Name and click Create.

To assign selected zones to an existing zone, select the desired zone from Zone List and click Assign.

To cancel the action, click Close.

Create Zones from Rooms Button

To create an individual zone for each of the selected rooms, click Create Zones from Rooms button and confirm the action by clicking Create.

Zones created in this fashion will be named based on the Room as 'Room Number'-'Room Name'.


  • Zones must have unique names. A warning will remind users when duplicate names are entered.

  • Zones must also have the same set point schedules. A warning will communicate this if the rule is broken.

  • If the room numbers room number is changed in drawing tool after the zone has already been created in load modeling, we will not see this change reflected in the final results. This is another time you can use the "Create Zones for Rooms" option. You can also manually change the name of these zones. After doing either of these and re-exporting from drawing.tool, the name of the zone will stay consistent.

Zone Table

The zone table displays all the zones created within the project and enables assigning these zones to Air Systems.

Assign Air System

To assign selected zones to an Air System, select the desired Air System from the list and click Assign.

To cancel the action, click Close.


  • Air Systems must be created on the Air System Page before zones can be assigned.

  • By default all zones are assigned to Ideal Air Loads. This allows quick, room level results to be run without the need for any manual assignment!

Video Tutorial

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