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Understanding the "50K triangles" error
Understanding the "50K triangles" error

FAQ: exporting geometry into cove.tool, 50000 triangles

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The error message seen below on the 3D analysis page indicates that you have hit a size cap to the maximum amount of geometry data you can import to cove.tool.

Your Project has exceeded 50,000 triangles!

Please work on reducing the complexity by re-meshing curved surfaces and getting rid of unnecessary high polygon objects.

For help, see these support articles:

The higher the number of triangles, the higher the number of issues users ran into. In order to keep processing speeds high and most systems compatible, cove.tool limits the amount of data that can be imported. For an accurate simulation, thousands or triangles are not necessary. To troubleshoot, follow these steps to get your geometry simplified and reduce the number of exported triangles into the app.

Simplify 3D exports by skipping unnecessary geometry

Begin by reviewing your geometry category views in the original 3D model. For analysis purposes, we only need geometry data that best represents the continuous thermal envelope and the interior conditioned spaces. Extra objects that are modeled for planning or aesthetic purposes and have no thermal impact can be skipped. Most early cove.tool users may have some of the following elements which they should attempt to not export.

  • floor finishes, landings, staircases, room tags, exterior elements (balconies, overhangs) should not be exported as floor objects. These should be removed from the export view.

Depending on the platform you are using, you can also use a filter or selection tool to see how many objects are in view. Based on the objects count, you can determine which category may prompt the error again. In the diagram below, we show what a view may look like before and after it is cleaned for a simplified export.

Avoid importing geometry with overtasked details

This describes models or elements, which have incredibly detailed or highly textured surfaces; this includes parametric architecture, frit, perforated shading materials, Revit elements with multiple sweeps/ reveals/ or voids. The typical file size of a general cove.tool export is less than 10-30 mb, but a file with a high surface count can generate a file size in excess of 300 mb. Note, however, that this issue is one of complexity and not size. cove.tool can quickly gather details about a skyscraper, but to collect the data needed to recreate a render an intricate louver system can be 30x more tenuous. Try to avoid irregular spheroid forms or other complex geometry as this will slow down the simulation while not increasing accuracy.

Other items which may cause the 50K error include exporting structural elements, trees, generic models (especially those downloaded from manufacturer or rendering sites) such as street furniture, trees, cars, people, and topography. Any of these elements are not necessary for cove.tool.

Happy Modeling!!

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