Can I save views in 3d Analysis?

How to save views for presentations

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Yes! You can save views in the 3d Analysis. In the Default view, position the view where you want it and hit the save views button in the upper right (camera with plus icon). The properties of the view such as the type of analysis selected or which elements are turned on or off will also be saved.


Can I copy 3D Views into a new project?

  • The best way to duplicate views to another project is to generate a clone of the original project after saving your 3D views. If you forgot to create a copy, then you will have to eyeball the position to match up with the former project.

Can I delete saved views?

  • Yes, at the bottom of the right-hand control panel there is a new menu titled Camera Views. This section will list out all of your saved views, and you can use the trashcan icon to remove 3D Views from your project.

How can I export a saved view?

  • Use the snapshot button, which is the camera icon at the top left corner of the model-space screen. This button will download a high-resolution PNG of your screen.

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