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Is there a way to export my daylight analysis image from cove.tool?
Is there a way to export my daylight analysis image from cove.tool?

Daylight Export, using the snapshot button

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Yes, users can use the snapshot button, which is the camera icon at the top left corner of the model-space screen. This button will download a high-resolution PNG of your screen. This is different from saving a 3D view to set a camera angle, to save a 3D view read this article.

In order to get a top-view report image of you're sDA/ASE/shadow study results, follow these steps.

  1. In the Element Selection section, on the right-hand control panel, toggle the visibility of every category you do not want to be included in the snapshot.

  2. Second, select 2D/3D button to position you in the top view.

  3. Then use the North-Arrow button (top right-hand corner of the model-space screen, mirrored triangle icon), to set your top view to the correct North orientation.

  4. Last, toggle visibility for each floor level in the Floors section, to isolate only the level/map you want.

  5. When the settings are complete, click the snapshot button to download your report image.

Results below!

The cove.tool daylight analysis feature is 500x faster than all legacy software simulations reducing the time it takes to run your model to a few minutes vs hours.

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