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loadmodeling.tool interface guides
loadmodeling.tool interface guides

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Each page on the platform include in the various inputs and results that are part of your mechanical load and energy model. Details of each page are shown below along with a link to further information

Each interface is made up of panels, many of these panels can be resized by selecting the center line between two panels and dragging either to the left or right. Note that the resized menus is localized, meaning that they will return to default sizes when you refresh the page.

Room Templates Page

Detail help for Room Templates

Schedule Page

Detail help for Schedules

Project Editor Page

Detail help for Project Data Editor

Air Systems Page

Mechanical Plants Inputs

Detail help for Mechanical Plant Inputs

Room Results Page

Zone Results Page

Air Systems Results

Mechanical Plants Results

Detail help for Mechanical Plant Results

Settings Page

Detail help for Simulation Settings

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