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OpenStudio: What you need to know
OpenStudio: What you need to know

How does the measure mapping work as of 8/25/2022

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OpenStudio via Baseline Energy

The .osm file is provided as-is and you will need to closely check all the inputs in OpenStudio. We have done our homework, but it is the engineer’s responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the data within the model. Questions and support on OpenStudio need to be answered by the NREL team (we are not affiliated with OpenStudio). We will be upgrading the capabilities of this export, so we will update, revise or otherwise change the data exported in the .osm file from time to time. Documentation will be updated when that happens. Once it leaves our system to OpenStudio we cannot guarantee or endorse the results generated using the .osm file. You will want a licensed engineer or qualified energy modeler to check the results before using them.

Parameters Mapped:

Roof R-Value

Envelope Heat Capacity

Wall R-Value

Wall Emissivity

Glazing U-Value

Ground Floor Area

Glazing SHGC

Fan flow control factor

Skylight SHGC

Daylight Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

Integrated Part Load Value


Total Occupants (Occupied Hours)

Lighting (Unoccu. Hrs)


Exterior Lighting Power (Watts)

Ventilation Control

Appliance Use

Solar Panel Surface Area, Solar Panel Module Location, Solar Panel Module Type

Appliance Use (Unoccu.)

Occupancy Schedule (Applied to People, Lighting, and Equipment)

DHW Gen, Hot water distribution system

Heating/Cooling Setpoints

Heat Recovery System

Parameters you mayneed to edit in OpenStudio:

  1. System Type (Default is set at 'VAV w/Gas Boiler and Water Cooled Chiller' which can be altered based on the project)

  2. Electricity/Gas Utility rate - manually input these values

  3. Schedules for lighting and equipment should be further edited if different from the 'Occupancy' schedule.

  4. SHW Collector - Functionality unavailable

  5. Metabolic Rate - Assigned based on the building type

  6. Blinds/Curtains/Shades - Customize the shading types inside OpenStudio

  7. Ground Floor and Below grade values - Customize these values

  8. Ventilation type - Based on System type selection

  9. People Outdoor Air rate/ Area Outdoor air rate - Autosized based on ASHRAE 62.1

  10. Domestic Hot water demand - Autosized based on people and schedules

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