cove.tool has integrated with OpenStudio, an open-source whole building energy modeling platform to provide users a seamless transition from early-stage to compliance energy modeling. By closing the loop between key decision-making energy modeling during concept and schematic design with compliance modeling required in later design phases, cove.tool creates an uninterrupted workflow for building energy modeling.

What is OpenStudio?

The OpenStudio application suite is a cross-platform, open-source whole building energy modeling platform. OpenStudio is developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the US Department of Energy with the objective of helping the AEC industry design more energy-efficient buildings. OpenStudio uses EnergyPlus as the energy modeling engine and Radiance for daylight analysis.

To install the OpenStudio application, visit the OpenStudio Coalition website and select the relevant operating system to download the latest version of the OpenStudio Application.

How can I get starting using OpenStudio with cove.tool?

cove.tool provides an export of your baseline energy model including:

  • Zoned 3D geometry

  • Envelope performance

  • Internal usage and schedules

  • Building System

  • Energy Generation

  • Utility rates

The exported file will be a .osm which can be opened with the OpenStudio Application and run as a full 8760 energy model. Additional detail can be added to the OpenStudio model to generate building loads or a compliance energy model for submission to LEED or other certification authority.

For more information on running your first OpenStudio model from cove.tool see this article.

What is EnergyPlus?

EnergyPlus is the US Department of Energy open-source whole-building energy modeling engine. EnergyPlus has been under continuous development since 1997 with the latest version released in March 2021. The engine includes detailed building physics, flexible HVAC systems, and sub-hourly time steps for modeling of fast dynamic systems.

EnergyPlus is an industry-leading engine used by many commercial and open source applications. As an energy modeling engine, EnergyPlus can be thought of as the back-end of OpenStudio and is installed as a package when installing OpenStudio.

What is Radiance?

Radiance is an industry recognized, open source lighting analysis and visualization engine. Radiance allows flexibility of geometry and materials used in the analysis and is validated through real world measurements. In relation to OpenStudio, Radiance provides the daylight engine which is integrated with the hourly energy usage of a building.

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