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The OpenStudio application maintained by the OpenStudio Coalition includes an option to export to gbXML.

gbXML is the universal schema to transfer models between various analysis engines and software. For more information on gbXML check out this article.

An OpenStudio file, or .osm can be exported from both the Baseline analysis and loadmodeling.tool. Once exported the model can be opened, viewed, edited, and exported from the OpenStudio application.

To export a gbXML file from OpenStudio follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the .osm file in OpenStudio

    1. [optional] view the model by going to the geometry viewer (6th tab)

  2. Navigate to File -> Export -> gbXML

  3. enter the desired file name and location and hit save!

  4. Your gbXML file is now ready to be imported into any building simulation platform!

For more information on energy modeling interoperability please see this article.

For a full list of software that can import a gbXML file see here.

Export options from cove.tool

From loadmodeling.tool exporting the Building Analysis Model from the settings page will include a gbXML file.

From analysis.tool exporting the OSM model from the Baseline Energy Page will include a gbXML file.

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