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Zoning Analysis Report
Zoning Analysis Report
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The Zoning Study Report generated by provides a comprehensive overview of the zoning regulations relevant to your project's location. This detailed summary includes site requirements, permitted uses, parking and accessibility, landscaping and open space, environmental considerations, and other additional factors.

​Important Notes:

  • The Zoning Analysis report feature is currently under review and testing. If your municipality or county is not listed in the input dropdowns, please contact us via live chat. This will help us prioritize the review and inclusion of the respective municipality or county.

  • relies on Municode as the primary source of information for generating Zoning Analysis reports. Currently, we only support municipalities available in the Municode Library.

Creation Workflow

1. Identifying the type of report:

Enter keywords related to your objectives and select the most relevant report from the suggested predefined workflows.​

2. Input Form

The input form includes standard inputs used in other reports, along with additional fields to determine zoning-specific information for your project's zoning report. This assists in locating the relevant zoning regulations and filling in details to produce the report.

Required Inputs:

  1. Project Name

  2. Project Location (Address): Helps list the Zoning Municipalities in the state.

  3. Building Type: Provides additional information for the report summary.

  4. Unit of Measure

  5. Zoning Municipality:
    Zoning municipalities are cities or towns that regulate land use and development within their jurisdiction through zoning laws and ordinances. The dropdown for zoning municipalities is populated based on your project's location, allowing you to select from an extensive list according to the state of your project.

  6. Zoning District Type:
    Zoning district types are categories defined by a municipality's zoning ordinance, specifying the allowed uses and development standards for different areas. These districts help ensure organized and compatible land use in line with community planning goals. The dropdown for zoning district types is populated based on the municipality you select. It is crucial to be informed of the correct district type for your site's location. Reference Municode or other sources to determine your site's zoning district type. ​

Report Breakdown

The zoning report is structured into 7 main sections: Project Overview, Site Requirements, Permitted Uses, Parking and Accessibility, Landscaping and Open Space, Environmental and Historic, and Additional Considerations.

​1. Project Overview:

Summarizes the information provided by the user and offers an overview of the project. This includes:

  • Project Name

  • Location

  • County

  • Zoning Classification Type

  • Site Area

  • Building Type

  • Date of Report

2. Site Requirements

Details land use and development regulations specific to various zoning district types, including standards such as setbacks, height limits, lot sizes, and other dimensional requirements. Each district has unique rules to ensure consistency and compliance with local planning goals.

​3. Permitted Uses

​Outlines the uses and developments allowed on a property according to local zoning laws, which vary by district. These may include residential, commercial, industrial, public, institutional, mixed-use developments, and agricultural activities.

​4. Parking and Accessibilities

​Details regulations specific to onsite and offsite parking requirements for various zoning districts, including standards for the number of parking spaces, accessibility features, and other relevant criteria to ensure proper vehicle accommodation and compliance with local codes.

​5. Landscaping and Open Space

Provides insights into regulations surrounding required open spaces and landscaping conditions for lots within different zoning districts. It covers requirements for green spaces, plantings, buffers, and other landscape elements that enhance aesthetic appeal and environmental quality.

​6. Environmental and Historic

Addresses environmental and historical conditions specific to certain zoning districts, including regulations for protecting natural resources, managing environmental impacts, and preserving historic sites. Compliance ensures sustainable development and conservation of valuable community assets.

​7. Additional Considerations

Covers any other pertinent factors not included in the previous sections that are important for a comprehensive understanding of the zoning regulations affecting your project.

Premium Insights provides an AI summarized zoning report for your project's initial analysis. However, if you would require a more researched, verified and comprehensive zoning analysis customized to your project's needs, you can consider leveraging our project.assist services for a detailed Zoning Analysis report.


  1. The Municipality/County I am looking for is missing in the provided list.
    Our zoning repository encompasses a vast database of information for various states in the US. As we continue to review and add municipalities and counties to our list for zoning analysis, please contact us to report any missing ones. This will help us prioritize their addition.

  2. The report generated is lacking or missing information
    This may be due to several reasons. We recommend referencing the respective county and zoning district in Municode to verify if the information is available in the Municode Library. If Municode has the relevant information and the report failed to summarize it, please contact us via live chat to report this issue.

  3. Sections of my report mention "Information Unavailable".
    This happens when a specific zoning district type is missing information relevant to a specific topic. For example, if your report has "Information Unavailable" on the Environmental and Historic regulations section, it could be because the zoning district may not have any specific regulations for that category or the relevant information for "Environmental and Historic regulations" may not exist in Municode.

  4. Can I get Zoning Analysis for locations outside of US?
    ​At this moment, provides zoning analysis only for locations within the US.

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