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How to access previous chats/reports with
How to access previous chats/reports with
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Every report is linked to a conversation in The Library section of the interface serves as an archive of previous conversations and reports. Users are able to distinguish between conversations with reports and without reports using the icon for each conversation.

A conversation with reports generated in them will have this icon.

And a conversation without a report will have this icon.

Users can quickly find their conversations or reports using the search, filter, and sort functions available here.

Clicking on a conversation in the "Library" page should also directly open the conversation in the "Create" section to either continue chatting or review the reports generated in that conversation.

If you have multiple reports generated in a single conversation, you can find the conversation in the "Library" section. Once you have the chat open, clicking on the button on the top of the chat should open the dropdown menu to select the specific report from that conversation.

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