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ASHRAE 90.2 2018, Residential Energy Code

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ASHRAE Standard 90.2-2018 Energy-Efficient Design of Low-Rise Residential Buildings

is a standard designed to deliver residential building energy performance. The scope of the standard provides the minimum design, construction, and verification requirements for new residential buildings and their systems, and new portions of existing residential buildings and their systems that use renewable and nonrenewable forms of energy.

Buildings and Portions of Buildings Covered

a. One and two family dwelling units

b. Multifamily structures of three stories or fewer above grade

c. Outbuildings (accessory buildings on a residential property)

This article shows how to select ASHRAE Residential 2018 as the project's energy code on the platform.

When the energy code is selected prescriptive values of the following inputs are automatically populated:

Building Envelope Properties

Table 7-1 Envelope Component Maximum SHGC and U-factors

Daylight and Occupancy Sensors

Normative Appendix B, Lighting Controls Credit

Heating and Cooling COP

Table 5-1 Central Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Specifications

The inputs that are not specified by the energy code are populated based on ASHRAE-90.1 Users Manual and standard engineering practices. Users are encouraged to invite the project design team and customize the project-specific inputs as desired.

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