What are the Default Constructions?
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All surfaces of the energy model must have a construction which defines the performance and other aspects of that surface such as thickness. All these constructions are termed Assemblies on the platform and are assigned via the Assembly Builder in drawing.tool.

Occasionally the simulation engine, EnergyPlus, will not find a required assembly which can cause the simulation to end prematurely. The platform automatically handles this occurrence by auto-assigns a default construction, negating the potential error. The default constructions that will be assigned are:

  1. Roofs: R-value 25.8 [IP] | U-value 0.22 [SI]

  2. Walls: U-value 0.076 [IP] | 0.435 [SI]

  3. Floors: U-value 0.038 [IP] | 0.214 [SI]

  4. Windows: U-value 0.45 [IP] | 2.56 [SI], SHGC 0.25

  5. Doors: U-value 0.31 [IP] | 1.76 [SI]

These constructions are only assigned if the platform as identified a potential error in EnergyPlus. Currently these constructions can be found via the Building Analysis Model Export and opening the model in OpenStudio.

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