In order to use cove.tool's DDx API button, project types must comply with the following requirements.

  1. Use a compatible Design Energy Code. Full list of applicable energy codes here. This primarily excludes energy codes after ASHRAE 90.1 - 2016 / IECC 2018 equivalent.

  • Automatically this eliminates Single Family Homes in cove.tool, as the only residential energy code available is ASHRAE Residential 2018. Users can still run their analysis in the app and manually copy and transfer information from cove.tool over to the DDx.

  • Also, projects using ASHRAE 90.1 - 2019/ IECC 2021 Equivalent, Title 24 2019, NECB 2017, and any state amendment code after 2016 will eliminate the DDx API button from the Baseline Energy Page.

2. Reported Projects must have available Benchmarking data for their use type. Benchmarking for the following Use-types is not supported by cove.tool.

  • Laboratory - A Lab use-type building requires a custom tool to generate a benchmark. The 2030 DDx recommends Labs21 for benchmarking.

  • Manufacturing/Industrial Plant - Like laboratories, Manuf./IND. Plant requires a custom tool to generate a benchmark. The nearest building typologies which cove.tool does support are either of the Warehouse options.

  • Parking - For purposes of reporting to the DDx, the Transportation Terminal may be selected for benchmarking, however, this should not be the primary use type.

  • Drinking-Water Treatment Center, and Wastewater Treatment Center - no consumption data has been recorded for these use-types, therefore there is no available benchmarking data.

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