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Saving to Firm and Personal Catalogs
Saving to Firm and Personal Catalogs

Saving, re-using, and sharing component templates. Building firm wide resources

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Within the platform there are three sections in the catalog available to each user. First is the Default catalog that includes all content provided with the tool. The second is the Personal catalog which allows users to save and re-use components they have created on their next projects. The third and final is the Firm catalog which allows components to be shared with all users belonging to a single firm automatically.

Components that can be save into catalogs are Room Templates, Schedules, Air Systems, and Mechanical Plants. When saving Air Systems and Mechanical Plants you will be prompted to provide a unique template name. Room Templates and Schedules will simply use the current name.

Add filtering to any saved component by using the Energy Code field which is below the name field for all components. This text field is flexible and allows defining any keyword in order to filter catalog contents.

Tip: Use this to add filtering by office, region, client, and more to your Room Templates, Air Systems etc. With the additional filter organizing templates is even easier!

Personal Template Catalog:

Anyone who has access to loadmodeling.tool can save custom room templates and schedules to their own Personal section of the catalog. This catalog will be available to only that user on all projects they work on.

Firm Template Catalog:

Business owners and administrators can add and delete custom templates, schedules, and other items to the Firm section of the catalog. This catalog will be available to all members of the firm on all projects they work on. We recommend using the Firm catalog to provide reviewed and approved templates and schedules to your team.

Business owners and administrators can make other users administrators on the Users tab so that they can have access to the Firm catalog. There can be only 1 business owner and any number of administrators for a company.

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