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How do I export energy model inputs
How do I export energy model inputs

Exporting a .csv of inputs, engineering inputs,

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All the Engineering Inputs that are part of the Baseline Energy model can be exported and shared. To export a .csv Excel file of the inputs, simply select the Download button on the Baseline Page. The file contains all the technical inputs and performance data used in the energy model and can help with inserting the performance details of envelope components and mechanical systems into other compliance tools. This can be helpful when comparing with other platforms and when coordinating with the wider design team. To make coordinating even easy you can also invite team members directly to each project with the Manage Teams feature.

The exported file will include all the inputs and the energy results for both the Baseline and LEED model run which is used to determine potential for achieve EA c2 points. The data will be presented in five columns. Use Type, Name, Backend Values, User-Facing Values, Help Text. An example of what you will find in this report is presented below.

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