Hundreds of universities in 25+ countries around the world are using cove.tool! Check out what our platform offers current students and educators below.

Educational License

Students and educators have free access to the cove.tool web app. All you need to do is complete this educational license form and renew it annually. Once you are approved, you'll receive an activation email to create an account.

NOTE: Approvals typically take 1 to 2 business days since we have to verify manually.

After one year, students and educators will be required to renew their accounts. Renewal is done annually by emailing us a photo(copy) of your school ID from your “.edu”. Of course, this license is for academic work only. See terms and agreement at the bottom of the educational license form. If you use it for commercial work your account will be suspended and your projects deleted.

Educators who intend to use cove.tool for a course(s) can start a university account by sending an email to [email protected] with Institution's Name, standard student email domain (ex., and expected class size. This will waive the initial form requirement by individual students, and immediately enroll any student who signs up at, using their institutions .edu email address.

If you signed up for an account and have not received an activation email, please check your junk mail and contact your IT support to whitelist the domain If IT support requires security documentation to whitelist the app, direct them to this link (section 5. Security and Privacy).

Course Support

No one is a pro, so we have created the Help Center that contains articles, video tutorials, a glossary, and an extensive FAQ catalog. We have included everything we think you need in order to start your journey with cove.tool. Also because of the high volume of commercial users we see on the app daily, cove.tool does not provide live support for students. Instead, we recommend searching the many existing resources below.

  1. Help Center Glossary - See what articles & tutorials are available

  2. App Store - Choose your plugin of choice then download the plugin, watch the training videos, and find troubleshooting tips.

  3. Watch a Webinar - 99% of questions are answered in a 1-hour tool demo

  4. Blog Page - find unique posts and real-world case studies

  5. Guide to your first cove.tool project

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