Users can share a project and provide access to specific parts to other members of their team even if those members do not have an existing subscription. Here is what they can access based on their role:

  1. Project Owner - The user who created the project has to ability to see and make changes to every page within their project list. This capability is also given to Account Administrators for the firm in case the Project Owners are unavailable.
  2. Architects - can upload geometry and edit the geometry page
  3. Mechanical Engineers/Energy Modelers - can edit the optimization options page
  4. Plumbing/Civil/Landscape - can edit the water page
  5. Interior Designers - can edit the optimization page (for finishes)
  6. Structural Engineers - can edit the optimization page for structures
  7. Contractors/Cost Estimators - can edit the optimization options page
  8. Owners and Permitting Authorities - will receive a read-only invitation to the project.

If you do not want anyone to edit the project, click the lock button in the lower left side of the interface.

Getting Started

Users can collaborate with their team either on an existing project or by starting a new one. On the very first page, the project page, the manage team button allows the project owner to invite other users. All invited team members can collaborate on the project even if they do not have an existing subscription.

Team Members

The list of predefined roles includes the Project Owner (person who created the project), Principal Architect, Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer, and Building Owner, among others. Various consultants can be brought on board by simply entering their email addresses in the list. This sends an invitation to the member to access that specific project. The invited user will need to add details, password, and complete the set up of a user account if they do not have an active subscription.

Once the person invited to collaborate accepts the email request to access the project, they will be able to view all the analyses and make changes to certain aspects (determined by their role).

These capabilities are curated for individual roles and are limited to the users that do not have a cove.tool subscription. Any invited team member that has an existing paid subscription can edit all aspects of the project.

This feature allows smooth collaboration across the entire project team, providing access to edit or view specific aspects even without a cove.tool subscription.

Happy Modelling!

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