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How to roll out cove.tool to everyone in your firm

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You are a cove.tool ambassador, firm administrator, or IT administrator and your firm just purchased a subscription to cove.tool. You're ready to set up user accounts and install plugins for everyone in your firm. In this guide we will provide all the resources you need to get started.

Creating User Accounts

Since the cove.tool subscription provides floating licenses, each user is required to have their own dedicated account. This will not only allow for seamless collaboration but also ensure that no analysis is interrupted by users trying to log in with the same credentials. Anyone that has already created a trial account is able to use their same login credentials and continue using cove.tool. There are 4 ways to create user accounts:

  1. If your customer success contact has set you up with an administrator account you can invite users following these instructions.

  2. Email your customer success contact a list of users in an Excel/CSV format with separate columns for First Name, Last Name, Email Address and we will bulk import the user accounts for you with a default password of your choosing (which the users will be prompted to change after logging in for the first time). No activation email will be sent as the list has already been vetted by you.

  3. Ask users to sign up individually here. As long as their email domain matches your firm domain, they will be automatically added to your firm's subscription.

  4. If your firm uses single sign-on with Microsoft, new users simply need to log in using the single sign-on option from the login page. For more details, see Using Azure Active Directory Single Sign-on.

Note: If you are unsure who your customer success contact is, reach out to us via live chat within cove.tool and they will respond.

Installing Plugins

Users can import their 3D geometry directly into cove.tool using any of our available plugins. Ask users to download the installer files from our plugins page.

Distributing Resources

For a successful rollout of cove.tool, it is important that users know where to go for help and learning materials. The best way to reach is us via live chat within the app, which also links to our Help Center. We also recommend adding the following links on your intranet homepage or internal website:

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