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How can I change my Password and what is required?
How can I change my Password and what is required?

How complicated should your password be?

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User Profile

User Profile can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen on any cove.tool page. A dropdown list will expand providing options to access all your relevant cove.tool account options. Click on "Your Profile" to open your profiel details.

Your Profile Details

All of the account details for your profile can be changed here, including First & Last Name, Email, Role, Experience, and Telephone number. You can upload a profile photo with a max. size of 10 mb. A square image works best. To save your changes clcik on the save button at the bottom. To change your password, clcik on the blue text that says "Change Password."

Change Password

To change your password you need enter your old password first, then type in a new password and new password confirmation. Ther are some notes to help you remember the specific requirements for our security protocols, but we've also included the requirmenets here as well.

Password Requirements:

For security purposes, we impose the following password requirements.

Must contain minimum 8 characters.
Must contain uppercase and lowercase letters.
Must contain a number.
Must contain one of the following special characters [ ! , @ , # , % , & ], these are not considered special characters [ * , _ , / , - , +, ^ , ~ ].
**Password cannot include a part of your email such as your name or firm name in any format**

We also check whether the password occurs in a list of common passwords. So make sure your password is not Password!

We also check if your password has been already used, so please make sure to generate a new one.

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