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revgen.tool Sales App Overview
revgen.tool Sales App Overview

What is the Sales App, and how can sales team use it effectively?

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The Sales Application in revgen.tool equips your sales team with the tools they need to close more deals. Sales representatives can run complete product simulations for prospects within the Sales App, generating leads in the revgen.tool Sales dashboard. Whether they are communicating in person, through a phone call, or via email, a sales team member can run the same simulation through a simple, three-step maximum workflow.

Sales App Workflow

To access the Sales App, log in to your Sales Dashboard. Select the New Leads button at the top of the page to create a new lead.

Once you've opened the Sales App, there are two workflows that you can choose from.

Basic Inputs Workflow

With the Basic Inputs workflow, sales team users can populate general project information, such as contact information, project type, size, and the desired product/assembly to be simulated. It is the recommended workflow for projects which are in the early planning/conceptual or Schematic Design phase.

Area Based Workflow

In addition to general project information, sales team users can populate product/assembly related project quantities with the Area Based workflow. When using this workflow, it is assumed that the project scope is relatively established and the project is at least in the late Schematic Design or latter stages of design.

Generated Results

Regardless of the workflow chosen, the final outcome of the Sales App is the Results.

Due to the enterprise nature of the revgen.tool solution, the final results page from one manufacturer to another may differ. The typical set of default results include Energy savings, Carbon (Embodied and/or Operational) savings, and/or Cost (First Cost or Operational Cost) savings. Once computed, sales team users can share the results with their prospect automatically by selecting the Generate Quote button.

Track your Sales Lead

The Sales Lead will appear on the Leads Dashboard section of the Sales Dashboard page, under Marketing Leads. Once the lead moves forward into a deal, a sales team member can move the lead to Open Deals, Closed Won, and/or Closed Lost.

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