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revgen.tool Sales Dashboard Overview
revgen.tool Sales Dashboard Overview

What is the Sales Dashboard?

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The revgen.tool Sales Dashboard serves as a light Customer Relationship Management platform, allowing sales professionals to track leads generated through various sources. Depending on the selected plan, leads can come from cove.tool projects created by our users, the Marketing app, and/or the Sales app.

Sales Dashboard Overview

Each manufacturer client will have access to the Sales Dashboard. Access to certain features within the Sales Dashboard is governed by the client's plan.

General Features of the Sales Dashboard

  1. Leads Dashboard: The interface which organizes leads based on source. Depending on the lead source, users will see information such as project owner, company name, project name, and project location.

  2. Filters: A search bar and a set of default filters are available for all users. The default features include Building Type, Project Region, and Active Since time range. Customized filters are also available for each manufacturer upon request.

  3. Sales App: The Sales App is available through a button found at the top of the Sales Dashboard. Please refer to this article for more information on the Sales App.

  4. Message Center: All users have access to the Message Center, a section of the Sales Dashboard for managing communication with cove.tool Leads.

  5. Learning Resources: All users have access to the cove.tool Learning Resources center, which houses links for webinars, help articles, and other resources committed to user success within the platform.

cove.tool Leads Overview

cove.tool Leads are projects created by our analysis.tool users, whom are comprised of Architects, Designers, and Engineers. revgen.tool users can view a limited set of project information, such as the Project Owner's name, Company, Project Name, Project Location, and Project Size (Floor Area).

revgen.tool users can initiate communication with each lead using the Chat feature. The Chat feature allows sales representatives or other users to send a direct message to the project owner and/or team on a project by project basis. All messages transmitted through the Chat feature are consolidated in the Message Center.

Marketing Leads Overview

The Marketing Leads tab is accessible by Marketing Pro, Sales Pro, and Enterprise Plan users. It shows leads generated through the Marketing Application (embedded onto the manufacturer's website) and the Sales Application. Some lead information, such as the Project Owner to the simulated product, are automatically populated as website visitors or sales representatives populate those information within the application(s). Lead Owners (Sales Representative, Marketing team members, etc) can manually populate the remaining fields, such as the Amount Field and Deal Stage, befitting their company's standard.

Deal Status Overview

Open Deals, Closed Won, and Closed Lost comprise the remaining tabs of the Leads Dashboard. They are accessible by Sales Pro and Enterprise Plan users. Each lead can be selected and moved to the Open Deals section to mark as "in progress", and to Closed Won and Closed Lost to mark the final status of the deals. In each of the Deal Status tabs, users will also see a Lead Source column, which shows the origin of the lead.

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