Energy Results Comparisons

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Comparing results of the annual and monthly energy output is easy thanks to direct connections to Excel. In order to quickly visual the difference between two simulation runs we have provided a formatted Excel file which will automatically generate several standards graphs. Bonus, this Excel file is fully open so that teams can customize as needed to meet branding guidelines or adjust the comparisons reported.

Best practice is to create a project for each option or alternative that you are considering. This can be easily done by created the first proposed configuration and then utilizing the copy project function to quickly build the alternatives.

To use, Export the Excel result files for two models that will be compared. Next copy & paste the results, one each into the Results A and Results B sheets. Finally open the Graphs sheet to inspect the automatic comparisons.

After the default graphs are generated you are free to use this file to further customize the result comparison to your needs!

For even more in-depth result comparisons utilize the Excel export of the Time Series Viewer to see hourly differences in the building performance.

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