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Project Number Validation
Project Number Validation

Project Number, Admin, Project Requirements

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One of the inputs for every project on the platform is the Project Number. By default this is an optional field to help teams stay organized while working on multiple projects. For firms that require Project Number as part of their internal tracking of resources or costs, the field can be made mandatory.

Require Project Number

In order to require the Project Number field for all new projects, navigate to the Your Business page. On the right of this settings page there is an option to require Project Number, to toggle on simply check the box. To save this settings be sure to select SAVE button at the bottom of the page Note that only Administrators and Owners will have access to these settings.

Project Number Validation

In addition to requiring the Project Number, firms may also require a specific format that will be validated when a project is created on the platform. For example, entering 6 digits, followed by a dash, followed by 2 more digits will require that all Project Numbers meet this format before the project can be created.

Validation Options

Validation is enabled to any combination of numeric and special characters. Some example combinations include

  • 12.34-46

  • 12-34-46.78

Letters may also be included. Note that letters are validated explicitly such that 1234-ab will require any four numbers followed by -ab only.

What will our users see?

When users go to start new projects they will first be notified that the Project Number is required via the text (Required) show in this field.

Note that the required format that will be validation is not directly displayed, so be sure to share with your team ahead of making this is a required input.

When a new project is created with a Project Number that does not meet the validation the user will receive the following message guiding them to enter a correct Project Number.

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