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No heating, invalid date, heating load not calculated

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Occasionally the simulation will return no heating load for Rooms, Zones, or Air Systems. This will appear on the results page as zeros in the Peak Load Details. In some cases the heating setpoint will also be reported as 32° F or 0° C, this is a reflection of the simulation returning no load for that room, zone, or system.

Here are some common causes of heating loads not being reported, or unexpected values being reported. For further assistance please reach out to our Livechat support.

Internal Loads Schedules are 100% for Winter Design Day

When schedules for Equipment, Lighting, or Occupant is set to 100% (or any other none 0 value) for the Winter Design Day, this will result in some heat gain in the room when the heating load is calculated. While this can be important for some unique cases, if no heating loads is an unexpected results reverting the Winter Design Day values back to 0 should resolve.

Heating Setpoints set below Outside Temperature

If the heating setpoint assigned for the Winter Design Day is lower than the dry bulb reported by the weather file on the Settings Page, the simulation will also return no heating low. This can be resolved by either adjusting the setpoints in the assigned schedules, or adjusting the Design Day values directly.

Note: for warm climates no heating load may be correct! So be sure to double checking the Winter Design Day values.

For further troubleshooting check out our FAQ section.

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