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What's new with the latest release on 01/12/2023

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Version 5.0 brings Whole Building Energy Modeling to the platform. Full 8760 Results are now reported from the powerful EnergyPlus simulation engine onto the web platform. With v5.0 engineers, energy modelers, and consultants can understand the in depth performance of their building design. The high resolution made available through the Time Series Viewer allows monthly, daily, and hourly energy consumption. loadmodeling.tool is now a Whole Building Energy Modeling platform!

Core Updates

  • Whole Building Energy Modeling

  • Annual and Monthly Energy Report on the web, PDF, and Excel

  • Monthly Site End Use Breakdown, Load Profile, and Operational Cost

  • Time Series Viewer to explore 8760 hourly data

  • Export 8760 graph as beautiful images

  • Export 8760 data sets into Excel for ground source system sizing and more!

How do I run and access the Energy Results?

There are no additional steps required to receive the energy modeling results! Projects will need to run a new simulation if they were last run before the 01-12-2023 release.

Energy Results with Ideal Air Loads

When running models with Ideal Air Loads the energy results will not include impact of specific HVAC systems. Energy results are still produced for these early workflows, however we recommend including the Air System and Mechanical Plants for a project when the energy results are being use.

Energy Results with Ideal Heating or Cooling Loop

When running models with Ideal Heating and Cooling Plants the performance default in these systems are COP 3.0 for cooling and efficiency 0.95 for heating.

Using Whole Building Energy Modeling Results?

Annual, monthly, and hourly results can be used for a myriad of engineering tasks. The annual results can be used to help make design decisions by comparing options. The Load Profile can help identify when peak loads should occur and also how long heating and cooling seasons will be. The operational cost can be used to help determine potential payback of energy cost saving measures (ECM). The hourly profiles help to integrate the model to understand how system are performing down to the hourly resolution!

Compliance level modeling is now within reach on loadmodeling.tool! With the Whole Building Energy Results now available models can be taken to near compliance levels. For more information on energy compliance check out this article.

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