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Revit 3D Plugin (v3.0.0) Updates!

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Exciting new updates made to the cove.tool Revit plugin to refine the export process with our most requested features!

Download the latest v3.0.0 version of our Revit plugin!

What’s new?

1. Export Geometry from Linked Files

  • This feature allows users to access geometry from Revit links and export to cove.tool without having to bind links or manage multiple models separately.

  • Selective filtering of linked geometry to allow objects to be assigned to the respective cove.tool views.

    Check out this Article for detailed steps.

2. Enhanced Error Reporting

Receive detailed responses on export of cove.tool views.

  • Responses added to guide users on cove.tool views that are required for export.

  • Detection of empty views prior to export.

  • Receive Total Polygon count of exported geometry from all cove.tool views

3. Refresh geometry

  • The refresh feature allows users to refresh cove.tool views when new geometry has been added to the model.

  • Users can now continue making edits to the Revit model and refresh cove.tool views to align with changes made.

    Check out this Article for Steps on using this feature!

4. Create and export Rooms data

  • Instantly add rooms to all levels in your model instantly.

  • Export Revit room data to utilize our new import methodology to drawing.tool for smoother translation of geometry.

5. Combined Preview

  • Easily visualize your cove.tool geometry before importing from Revit through this combined view.

  • Identify any needed changes to enhance visibility.

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