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How to Refresh your Revit cove.tool views?
How to Refresh your Revit cove.tool views?
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New updates launched to the Revit plugin v3.0.0 allows for cove.tool generated 3D views In Revit to be refreshed through a click of a button! Check out detailed updates to the plugin posted in this article for more information.

Download the latest Revit plugin to unlock this feature!

Utilize the Refresh button to reapply the cove.tool filters on already generated "3D - cove.tool views". This allows you to continue making edits to your Revit Model and refresh the cove.tool 3D views to reassign newly added or edited elements into the respective cove.tool views.

Here's how you can use this feature:

1. After edits have been made to the model, open all the "3D - cove.tool views"

2. From the Plugin , Select the "Refresh Active View"

NOTE: The refresh button will reapply the cove.tool filters on the open active view, any elements manually revealed in this 3D view that is not applicable to the view will be hidden.
Example: If you manually unhide floor slabs in the cove.tool Roof view, the refresh button will hide that floor slab

Refresh Active View

3. Review the changes in the Launch panel pop-up message that follows.
Select Cancel if you would not like to Refresh the view.

Review changes

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all other cove.tool views.

Things to note when using this feature:
1. Non-cove.tool views cannot be Refreshed.

2. The cove.tool combined view when Refreshed will match geometry from all other cove.tool views.

3. cove.tool views that are renamed cannot be refreshed as well.

Happy Modeling!

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