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LEED Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance
LEED Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance

LEED Prerequisite, LEED Credit, IAQ, Ventilation, ASHRAE 62.1

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The LEED Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance prerequisite helps ensure occupant comfort and health through proper ventilation

"To contribute to the comfort and well-being of building occupants by establishing minimum standards for indoor air quality (IAQ)"

The prerequisite requires all mechanically ventilated spaces to meet the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1. For hospital projects the standard that must be meet is ASHRAE Standard 170. These calculations must be uploaded to LEED online for verification.

Traditionally these calculations are done by hand or with an Excel spreadsheet. With Ventilation Calculation Tool this manual process is automated and integrated with the load modeling workflows. Engineers who need to submit their calculations to LEED can utilize the PDF and Excel reports available in the tool. LEED does require a specific calculator to be used which is available here. The Excel export from our platform has been formatted specifically to match what LEED is looking for to facilitate easy transfer into their proprietary file.

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