Ventilation Calculation Reports

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Each Ventilation Calculation Table includes unique reports in PDF and Excel format. These reports allow for easy reviews or submissions where required. Let's first review the common components of each report

PDF Reports

To download a PDF Report, select the export button on the Ventilation Calculation Page. A preview of the report will be shown and can be downloaded. Note that the report will reflect the currently open system or table. Each PDF report starts with a cover page which includes the Firm name on the upper right corner.

The project information including Title, Report Type, Date exported, and project team are all displayed.

Next for each Ventilation Calculation Type there will be a table page with columns representing a field or calculation, and rows representing each room. This page will be repeated based on how many rooms are part of that system or type.

Finally, most Ventilation Calculation Types include a summary page. This will be a single page reflecting the information from the summary panels.

Excel Reports

To download the Excel reports, select Export Spreadsheets on the Ventilation Calculation Page. Note that all reports will be provided in a single zip file. Each Excel report includes a header with information for the given report. This includes the project name, number, system name, date, and created by.

Next for each Ventilation Calculation Type the calculation table is presented started at B:7

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