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A cooling tower is used to cool water and is a massive heat exchanger, expelling building heat into the atmosphere and returning colder water to the chiller. A water cooling tower receives warm water from a chiller. This warm water is known as condenser water because it gets heat in the condenser of the chiller. The paired water-cooled chiller is typically at a lower level, like in a basement. The cooling tower’s role is to cool down the water, so it can return to the chiller to pick up more heat.

EnergyPlus line diagram for the condenser loop [fig:energyplus-line-diagram-for-the-condenser]

Fig 1. Line diagram of condenser loop from EnergyPlus

By default, a Variable Speed cooling tower is added to the condenser loop once a water-cooled chiller has been added to the project. The user has the ability to switch it to a Single Speed cooling tower.

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