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Ventilation Rate Procedure, VRP, Indoor Air Quality Procedure, IAQP, ASHRAE 62.1

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There are two standard ventilation calculation types that can be applied to the Baseline Energy Model: Ventilation Rate Procedure and Indoor Air Quality Procedure. The method determines how the total outdoor air required in a building is calculated. Both are documented in ASHRAE Standard 62.1.

Ventilation Rate Procedure, or VRP, is the standard approach which uses the total building area, and total occupants to determine and outdoor air requirement.

Indoor Air Quality Procedure, or IAQP, is a more advanced method that takes into account the contaminants in the building and the ability of the HVAC to clean those contaminants. IAQP with Sorbent Air Cleaning allows teams to reduce their outdoor air requirements, saving capitol cost and operational energy.

Changing the Ventilation Calculation Type

The Ventilation Calculation Type can be adjusted on the baseline page under the Building Systems Tab.

Ventilation Rate Procedure will be the default for all of the eight standard building types. IAQP can be applied to Office, Education and Retail type projects. Other building types such as laboratories and hospitals are not good use cases for IAQP as the outdoor air rate are governed by different means.

Optimizing Ventilation Calculation Type

Including the Ventilation Calculation Type as an ECM in optimization is easy! Simply add as one of the projects options on the HVAC tab. This will include IAQP as an ECM in the optimization study and provide bundles that show the cost savings possible!

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