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Checks for Comparing Cove.tool Results with EnergyPlus based software
Checks for Comparing Cove.tool Results with EnergyPlus based software

The article recommends a series of checks to be performed by user for comparing cove.tool EUI results with EnergyPlus based software.

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//Check 1: Project Type and The Energy Code

Please Make sure the project type matches in cove.tool and the chosen software. Also, the energy code version should be similar in both cases.

//Check 2: Geometry

The different sections of the building geometry such as window area, wall area, roof area, floor area, etc. should be matched. If the plugin has been used for the geometry import then the figures populated in the grayed out manual mode should be double-checked.

//Check 3: Engineering Inputs (Baseline Energy Page)

The inputs should be matched for both models to reflect the similar assumptions have been made for different categories (envelope, lighting power density, appliance use, infiltration, mechanical system, etc.).

Let's discuss the example of the occupancy hours. For most EnergyPlus based programs, the fractional format for occupancy hours is applied which needs to be converted into cove.tool format. In cove.tool, the occupancy hours are assumed to be at 100% capacity for the hours mentioned in 'Occupancy Hour First' and 'Occupancy Hour Last' for the lighting, equipment and occupancy calculations. To convert the typical fractional schedule into cove.tool format, check out this article.

Also, the help icons next to each input in cove.tool directs the user to the articles listing down the assumptions for the calculations.

If custom template is being created, please adjust the '2030 building Type' correctly. This will reflect the correct 2030 reporting number.

After following the steps above, if the EUI is still different then please reach out to us via chatbox on the site and our team will be happy to take a look at the models.

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